Sans titre #10

Sans titre #10

Day n’ Night

Day n' Night

Gucci tee shirt
$1,080 – gucci.com

Gianvito Rossi bottes bass
$990 – mytheresa.com

5 panel hat


Isn’t she lovely…


Hello beautiful ones! It’s Thursday and guess what? It’s time for another one of my #GracaWinterLooks where I share one of my favourite winter outfits. For today’s post we are doing fur…well faux fur… Can I get a YAY or Amen? lol! Moving right along….I loved the faux fur because I think it’s sophisticated, elegant and extremely feminine. Also, it just makes me feel so…sexy! Plus I look like a million bucks… No, more than a million bucks LOL.  Have a look below for pictures and details . 


The gloves above were a birthday gift from my lovely friend Yolanda and I still have no idea where she got them from. I love that my friends know me well and know what I like. The gloves were definitely a winter favourite..not only because they look lovely but because they kept my little hands warm and I could wear them with anything and…

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Make money from your closet

If you’re like me, a shopaholic, always updating your closet – meaning you also have to clean out your closet a lot but are looking to make a little money back for your stuff; this is the perfect app for you! [POSHMARK]I have been using this app to sell shoes and clothes I don’t wear anymore or have never worn. If you shop as much as I do then majority of the clothes you own are still fairly new and are in great condition, or still have tags on them. Because I shop a lot, it feels good to make a little money back from my closet. You can also buy from or trade with other users. Check it out. And make sure you check out my closet too @prechifu 😀 

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